About Us


Damon Kirchmeier

Damon Kirchmeier

Chief Executive Officer


Damon Kirchmeier has 17 years experience investing in early stage companies, including Jive Communications, InGeo, Listen Technologies, Cerberian, and CarbonX.

Prior to joining Blue Eye, Damon was the President of a fast growing action sports distribution company, Rockwell Time, USA and a partner at Auxano Funding, a revenue-based finance fund in Salt Lake City. He is the past Managing Director for InnoVentures Capital Partners. He originally joined the predecessor to InnoVentures, the Utah Technology Finance Corporation, in 1997. In 2001, he and his two partners founded InnoVentures and raised a private venture capital fund. Since that time, he has made more than 40 different investments over two funds and actively participates on several corporate boards. Damon is a frequent speaker on raising capital and is an active participant in several business and venture forums.

Damon began his career in 1988 at Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. Mr. Kirchmeier served as a nuclear plant engineer and later managed a crew of Naval personnel and civilian engineers at a dual reactor plant. He also managed the support division of an international exploratory drilling company before founding InnoVentures.

Damon is a member of two angel investment groups, the Utah Angels and Park City Angels. He also holds silver and bronze medals from the Masters World Championships of mountain biking. Damon is the past Honorary Commander of the 421st fighter squadron – the Black Widows, call sign “Speed.”

Damon holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from the University of Utah. He is also a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Florida.

Bill Kirth

Bill Kirth

Chairman of the Board


Bill Kirth joined Blue Eye Monitoring in 2013 and brought with him twenty years of successful business experience. Mr. Kirth, recognized as a driven and passionate leader, has a unique blend of corporate and entrepreneurial background from which to draw upon. This mix of “corporate America” experience with the responsiveness and flexibility of small business management make him the perfect person to lead Blue Eye to be a Global provider of technological services. Having worked for respected banking firms, including Zions Bank, First Interstate Bank, Wells Fargo, and GE Capital, he is well disciplined in all areas of corporate finance, including banking, auditing, asset-backed lending, and factoring. All are critical contributing factors in Blue Eye’s continued rapid growth. Additionally, as the Vice President of Summit Financial Resources, he understands the complexity of medium-sized businesses that quickly become enterprise level providers.

Mr. Kirth has developed and taught courses on asset-based lending for Risk Management Association, Lorman education, and many other panels and seminars. He is also a published author on the subject of corporate finance. He currently serves on the board of Risk Management Association of Utah, Turnaround Management Association of Utah (as a founder) and Association for Corporate Growth of Utah (as a founder). He has served on the national Risk Management Association membership board for 4 years.

Mr. Kirth also excels in his personal life and has earned his black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and has received many awards in bodybuilding.

Stephen Scotty

Stephen Scotty

Corporate Secretary


Stephen Scotty has been with Blue Eye since 2012, and is one of the original corporate founders. Mr. Scotty established much of the corporate structure, and has performed many key roles in the growth of Blue Eye Monitoring.

Mr. Scotty served 20 years as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy. His tours of duty include two Operation ENDURING FREEDOM deployments. In his first OEF deployment in 2001, Stephen was the senior intelligence officer for Carrier Air Wing NINE, aboard the USS STENNIS. For his second deployment in 2003, Mr. Scotty was the senior intelligence officer for a special task unit in Afghanistan. In addition to those assignments, Mr. Scotty held challenging positions at the Pentagon and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Mr. Scotty brings vast experience in remote surveillance, security and intelligence operations to the Blue Eye management team. He holds an MS in Systems Technology from the Naval Postgraduate School and a BA in Economics from the University of Texas.

Jesse Firth

Jesse Firth



Jesse Firth has over 17 years of experience in the sales engineering, systems design, and systems integration verticals. Starting in the electrical trade, he became an electrical foreman as an early apprentice and lead a service division designing fiber optic networks, data networks, UPS systems, and genset applications. Jesse joined with Blue Eye in 2011, bringing his sales, systems and dynamic integration experience to the team. Jesse’s primary responsibility is to develop strategic sales, and vendor relationships, while ensuring the delivery of service from Blue Eye’s network operations center to our clients’ properties nationwide.


The Rest of the Blue Eye Team…

Blue Eye is unlike any traditional security company in the market today. For this reason, Blue Eye has built a team unlike any other security company as well. Here are the people who will be serving you every day:

Account Manager – The concierge to ensure you the highest quality of service. Your point of contact.

Systems Designer – It is critical to design an effective system customized to your own location(s). There are no cookie cutter systems with Blue Eye, and each site is designed by an engineer with significant experience. Our engineers understand numerous critical technologies, including solar, wireless, cellular, thermal, access control, power control, and integrate those technologies efficiently and effectively.

Analytics Programmer – Tuning or programming the cameras is a critical differentiator with Blue Eye. Our programmer’s deep understanding of our cameras calibration and technological capabilities as well as the current market analytic trends puts Blue Eye at the forefront of intelligent monitoring as a service.

Logistics Supervisor – Expert in ensuring that Blue Eye security systems are installed efficiently and on time…every time.

Service Manager – If we can’t see it, we can’t protect it. All equipment needs to be maintained and serviced. This is where most systems fail. Companies tend to just put equipment in and forget it. With the Blue Eye Managed Service Plan, our service level agreement ensures quality camera feeds with a 24-hour response time to down cameras.

Command Center Supervisor – We are only as good as the people behind the cameras. A supervisor is always on duty, ensuring a prompt and appropriate response to any issues. This person also has the experience to handle complicated law enforcement issues.

As you can see, Blue Eye is committed to revolutionizing the security industry and has built a unique framework and sophisticated team, in order to do so. By mixing state-of-the-art technology with highly skilled personnel, Blue Eye has proven that extraordinary security is affordable and available for companies of all sizes.