Our Solution

Blue Eye Command Center

Don’t Just Record Crime—Stop It!

We at Blue Eye claim that we are one of a kind. We don’t doubt there are some very good camera companies, some excellent monitoring businesses, even some security companies that provide top service. We just don’t believe there is one company that does all of those things and more, the way Blue Eye does.


We have very sophisticated technology in our camera and speaker systems. They have “Intercept” technology that deters crime rather than only recording it. Essentially, our cameras are computers with camera lenses. Nothing is more frustrating than being a victim of crime and reviewing the footage of the criminal behavior the day after and not being able to do anything about it. With the Blue Eye solution, our “Intercept” technology detects bad behavior as it is happening and immediately alerts our Command Center, where our Video Surveillance Technicians are standing by to respond to the perpetrator. Our IP-based speaker system allows for our team to speak directly to the suspicious individual. Criminals are not deterred by camera systems. They put a hoodie on and carry out their destructive behavior. It all changes when we specifically identify the criminal and speak directly to them through our IP-based speaker system. Without our sophisticated “Intercept” technology, we would be just another closed-circuit television monitoring company with a person trying to detect criminal behavior by looking at dozens of screens for hours at a time.

Command Center

The Command Center is an impressive futuristic display of multi-screen workstations designed for one purpose only: to stop crime. The displays are not simply filled with dozens of views from cameras. Rather, they have various alerts and prompts based on the activity our network of cameras are detecting. This environment requires well-trained, tech-savvy, security experts who are committed to the protection of our clients’ property, customers, and employees. Ultimately, all of our sophisticated tools are meaningless unless we have these talented individuals supporting our technology. That is why you will find a much more skilled, committed employee at Blue Eye than you find at a typical monitoring or security guard company.

Managed Service Platform

Building a security infrastructure can require a huge financial commitment upfront, unless of course you are a Blue Eye client. At Blue Eye we purchase all of the equipment, install it, ensure that it is running to our high standards, and the client simply starts making monthly payments. No capital expenditure, which will make your CFO very happy. But our Managed Service Platform isn’t just a leasing plan. In addition to no large upfront expense, we maintain all of the equipment throughout the contract term, upgrade the system as new technology becomes available, provide a portal for client access to camera views, store and provide camera footage when needed, and provide accurate reporting on all alerts and activities, thereby holding Blue Eye accountable. Blue Eye provides a comprehensive turnkey solution on which you can depend.

Why is the Managed Service Platform so valuable? Without support and regular maintenance, the equipment eventually becomes neglected, cameras begin to fail, and someone on site must recognize that failure and arrange for service, which is never cheap or timely. Unfortunately, all too often a system is found to not be working correctly when a negative event occurs and the crime was not recorded. Unless a security system is continuously monitored and maintained, the company will unknowingly begin to take on unnecessary and potentially catastrophic risks. Blue Eye mitigates that risk.

Blue Eye Monitoring Speakers

Our Secret Weapon – Speakers

At Blue Eye we have a secret weapon. Along with our analytic driven, high definition camera system, we have a sophisticated IP audio system. Cameras are important, but unless you are able to immediately engage the suspicious person, you are only recording the crime, not stopping it. Security systems must stop the crime, or they are failing. Our speaker systems have adjustable volumes up to 120 decibels, which is about what a jet engine sounds like. That is LOUD! Criminals are accustomed to cameras. They just put on their hoodies and keep their heads down, but the moment you yell at them it all changes, i.e. “Hey you in the black hoodie, stop what you are doing and leave now. The police are on the way.” The criminal simply leaves. Most camera security systems have dramatic footage of people committing crimes. At Blue Eye we have lots of boring footage. We see someone start to commit a crime and immediately run off with little or no damage done. Which would you prefer?